HiroyukiCoin (HRYK)

The next-generation monetization supporting platform for 2ch, the Japanese largest textboard website, and its founder Hiroyuki Nishimura.


What is HiroyukiCoin?

HiroyukiCoin is a supporting platform for 2ch and 2ch-related services that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

It accelerates growth of 2ch communities by offering tools and services that simplify the monetization process of 2ch-related services. Investors and supporters will be able to invest and donate their money on Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2ch, and related communities using HRYK token. The first version of the HRYK allows 2ch-related services to launch and manage crowdfunding campaigns. 

※ HiroyukiCoin is originated from one of fan communities of 2ch, and has no relationship at all with 2ch.sc, 5ch.net, Hiroyuki Nishimura, etc.


2ch.net Takeover Incident

In August 2013, an accidental leak placed the credit card details and personal details of thousands of 2channel users into the public domain, exposing the anonymous profiles of various high level personas such as politicians and writers, in addition to exposing users to identity theft. As a result, a series of lawsuits were filed against the website.

On February 19th, 2014, 2channel underwent a domain name repossession, with Jim Watkins an ex-US Army officer and chairman of San Francisco-based N.T. Technologies taking full control over the website, relieving Nishimura of all power, and assuming the role of website administrator. It was later revealed that 2channel was suffering from financial setbacks prior to the takeover. Source: wiki

Our Goal

The restoration of 2ch Empire

The primary goal of HRYK is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of tools for monetization of 2ch and 2ch related services. However, the ultimate goal is to reclaim our throne.

What if, on 2013, the paid plan of 2ch were made via cryptocurrency? The account info leak incident wouldn’t have happened, no matter how fragile the security of 2ch.net was. What if, on 2013, donations and monetization for 2ch.net were constantly and effectively made via token? Hiroyuki Nishimura didn’t have to suffer in financial setbacks and waste time for the dispute over ownership of 2ch.net against Jim Watkins.


1 HRYK = 1 satoshi ETH

Total Distribution

3 billion HRYK (60%)

How it all started


2ch.net Account Info Leak Incident
8月 2013
2ch.net Takeover Incident
2月 2014
Created HiroyukiCoin (HRYK) Total Supply: 5 billion HRYK. Airdrop begins.
5月 2018
Coin Marketing Airdrop. Applications to several exchanges.
Distribution of HRYK to Hiroyuki Nishimura Sending 5% of the total supply to Hiroyuki Nishimura's HRYK address.
6月 2018
Listing on several major exchanges. Such as binance, bittrex, and more...
8月 2018
Development Negotiate with management team of 2ch.sc and become an official coin of 2ch.sc. Starting the development of HRYK and twitter driven tipping service. Starting the development of HRYK driven donation/crowdfunding tools. Starting the development of HRYK driven e-commerce payment system.
9月 2018

Token Allocation

HiroyukiCoin management team possesses 5% of the total supplyThe benefits to this being transparency, as well as protection from a market collapse in the event of the managers selling off their tokens. Moreover, 60% of the supply will be released into the market on around June 2018 at the Airdrop (1%), ICO (29%),  and the exchange selling (30%, 1 HRYK = 1 sat ETH). The remaining 30% will be treated as a reserved funding. It will be mainly used for development and marketing fee.

Total Supply: 5 billion HRYK

  • 5% Founders and Team
  • 29% ICO
  • 35% 1 sat BTC selling at the exchange.
  • 1% Airdrop
  • 30% Reserved Funding

Our Team


Masato Yamagishi

Duke University



+5 years experience in full-stack web development.


Samuel Holloway

London School of Economics

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: June 10th, 2018, 9:00 AM (JST)

*9:00 AM JST = 0:00 AM UTC

Symbol: HRYK
Reissuable: No
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 80 million HRYK

1 HRYK ≈ 1 satoshi (ETH)

Project protocol: ERC20

How to Buy

Contract Address:


Send Ethereum from myetherwallet to the above address, and then we will send you back HRYK automatically at the rate 1 ETH = 8 million HRYK.


The presale ended.